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So, many of you know how much I love furry beasts. My favorite group is Forever Wild, and they are being abused left, right, and sideways by the county where they are located. I have teamed up with Michelle Tomlinson to help them meet the latest deadline (August 30th). So, here's the breakdown, you mention one of our names (either on the phone, via paypal, or in the memo section of the check) and here are the fun things we are giving out (there will be things added, so stay tuned!):

$10 - Screener of the Cellar Door
$75 - Be Nice set (messenger bag, mug, and tshirt)
$100 - acting class from Michelle (there is a limit of 3 on this item)
$300 - Personalized/autographed head shot of Oscar winning Actress Eva Marie Saint.

Not only is there nifty stuff, it's a tax write off (501.3c), AND you are helping furry beasts!! How awesome is that?! 

Jul. 20th, 2010

We are getting some great numbers on Be Nice!! Thanks to everyone that has checked it out! We are also still fundraising, with hopefully some more news on that shortly!

Soft Launch

Here is my teaser, in its full glory... please fee free to forward and pass along, if you are so inclined...

Outlook Assistance?

I haven't used Outlook in a few years... so, unless it was right in front of me to fiddle with, I would only be mildly helpful, at best... so:

Anyone here use Outlook and know how to synch a laptop and desktop, so they could share the calendar, mail, etc? The person I am asking for is fairly tech savvy, but is brand new to Outlook, so you don't have to dumb it down as if talking to me ;)

Sometimes it's the little things

Lookie what I did!!

make custom gifts at Zazzle

More Self Promotion

Just created a zazzle page for Official "Be Nice" Merchandise... and a Cafe Press page will be coming   is up now as well... I am still adding things too...

More Disney/ Marvel

For those interested in more details of the biz part  of the acquisition, this is actually rather interesting and enlightening... there are other articles on this site regarding how long it is actually going to take Disney to start reaping the rewards of this deal and the negotiating they are going to have to do with Universal... probably one of the more complex business deals of late... and a lawyers wet dream..

Marvel/ Disney

Haven't had a chance to watch it yet myself, but thought a few of y'all might be interested in Stan Lee's response to it...

And, the ad banner...

IndieGoGo to DONATE

It's a .swf, so you may have to refresh to get all the fun parts :)

New and Improved... with widget!